Puppy For Life Inc. and TalkDogTV 

Company Overview

Puppy for Life Inc.

Sam Malatesta’s Puppy for Life training method teaches dog owners and handlers how to work with a dog’s inherited instincts to create the ultimate human/dog relationship. By recognizing, understanding and utilizing each dog’s three instinctual drives – pack, prey and defense – Sam’s “students” learn how to become their dog’s Alpha without the use of gimmicks, harsh corrections or trendy tools.

The Puppy for Life training method has been in development since 1994. In November 2001, Sam led a training seminar in Penn’s Creek, Connecticut that drew the interest of many dog owners experiencing behavioral problems in their pets. Subsequently, several seminar participants formed a Connecticut-based training team that continues to meet and work under Sam’s guidance, implementing the techniques taught in the Puppy for Life method.

As word spread about the success of the Connecticut group, Sam began receiving numerous requests from dog owners across North America. Most were desperate for training advice, ranging from simple issues like crate training to serious problems involving aggression and socialization. Many had already tried various other training methods without success.

Though Sam offers private training lessons at his kennel in Ontario, Canada, and provides guidance via phone and e-mail, the Puppy for Life video series launched in November 2002 offered an additional way for Sam to demonstrate his techniques and respond to the rapidly growing requests for training advice. The first video, “Growing Up”, covers all aspects of dog ownership – from the minute your puppy arrives to his golden years as a senior dog.

One of Sam’s passions is rescue dogs – the dogs that taught him how to be a fair and understanding leader. Today, he gives back to those dogs by holding seminars for rescue and foster groups throughout Canada and the U.S. His educational seminars are designed to reduce the rate of euthanasia, increase the adoptability of homeless dogs and raise funds for animal rescue and rehabilitation.

The Puppy for Life method also reaches out to dog owners through a unique Internet-based venture. The web site, TalkDogTV, is an online community comprised of owners, handlers and rescue groups who have one thing in common – a love for dogs. 


This interactive, informative web site (www.talkdogtv.com) was established in 2002 to provide an eCommunity for dog lovers everywhere. It’s the perfect place to share stories, brag about your dog’s latest achievements, ask questions and gain insight into your dog’s mind.

The site offers private messaging and two chat rooms – one for general conversation and the other for dog-related topics. There are also five message boards where members can pose questions and learn from other dog owners. The boards include: All Things K-9 (general dog discussion), Health, Ask Dr. P (an onsite veterinarian), Rescue & Foster (for those involved or interested in animal rescue) and Ask Sam.

The Ask Sam board put members in touch with Puppy for Life founder Sam Malatesta. This is a great opportunity to ask training questions and get quick, easy-to-follow answers from a reputable and knowledgeable dog trainer.

Other sections on the TalkDogTV site include:

·  Tips – featuring articles on dog training and socialization by Sam Malatesta

·  Events – a list of upcoming dog events, including Puppy for Life training seminars

·  News – the latest in the dog world

·  Audio – dog-related clips, including weekly updates from future TalkDog Radio shows

·  Video – will include video clips from upcoming TalkDog television shows

Another exciting feature on the TalkDogTV web site is the onsite store. Members have an opportunity to purchase dog-related products endorsed by Sam Malatesta (including Puppy for Life videos) at favorable prices. Items include collars, lunge lines and tug toys, and all prices include shipping and handling.



Puppy For Life Inc. 

Mission Statement


Puppy for Life seminars are designed to educate volunteers, foster people and staff working with animal shelters in hopes of reducing the incidence of euthanasia, increasing the understanding of canine behavior and providing rehabilitated dogs with the guidance needed to adapt to a new and positive life.


This educational program is intended to reduce: shelter time for dogs, the need for euthanasia, and the number of “bring backs” (dogs returned to the shelter). Dogs trained in basic obedience and behavior modification will, in turn, reinforce the reputation of rescue dogs as issue-free pets that can easily adjust to a new environment. This helps to dispel the misconception that rescue dogs are problem dogs that can’t be adopted.


Arriving at a shelter should be a new and positive step in a dog’s life. It should not represent a dog’s final days or create an environment of stress and fear. However, the situation can be stressful and when that does happen, our program can help to minimize the stress.


Dogs that exhibit behavioral issues may have a limited opportunity for adoption. Some never find a permanent home. If a dog is abandoned or turned over to a shelter due to an unwanted behavior, then the adoptee that chooses that particular dog will have to show patience for that behavior.  


The Puppy for Life program increases the number of potential dog adoptees and provides a solid behavior-modified foundation for new owners.


Puppy for Life seminars have a second objective: to raise funds for shelters and rescue organizations while improving the training outcomes for homeless and/or problem dogs. Funds are directly donated back to the shelter that sponsors the seminar and assists with the promotion of the Puppy for Life method.


Giving to the shelters is my way of giving back to my teachers – the shelter dogs. I rescued unwanted German shepherds and Rottweillers that were considered aggressive, shy or too strong. I trained them, modified their behavior and found permanent homes for them.


Let’s work together to give all shelter dogs new hope for a positive life.


Sam Malatesta



Board of Directors

Sam Malatesta

Sam Malatesta is the founder of the Puppy for Life training method.

Sam has been training dogs since 1980. In 1984, he began working with police dogs, and in the following year, broadened his focus to include problem dogs at the request of their owners. In 1986, he joined forces with several international breeders before forming his own kennel, Klienbrook German Shepherds, in 1988. Already well-versed in dog rearing and training, Sam added the study of canine behavior and genetics to his repertoire in 1989.

Sam has been donating his time and training expertise to the Toronto (Ontario) Humane Society. His efforts in rehabilitating these unwanted dogs has helped to lower euthanasia rates and increase the number of dogs living happily with new owners.

Today, Sam continues to work with animal rescue agencies across Canada and the U.S. by leading informative seminars aimed at dog behavior and training.

His skills as both a dog trainer and handler instructor are in demand across North America, which led to the launch of the Puppy for Life video series. His training method is now being made available to the general public through a series of videotapes and the Internet via www.talkdogtv.com.

Peter Lee

Peter is the CEO and a partner of Puppy for Life Inc. After graduating with honors from Fanshawe College’s esteemed Recording Engineering and Production program in 1979, Peter became one of Canada’s top recording engineers. He has held senior staff positions at McClear Place and Sounds Interchange, and has freelanced in most major recording facilities in Canada and abroad.

Today, he is a partner and member of the Board of Directors for Toronto’s Q-West Studios and also serves as President & CEO of an intellectual property company, Big Bang Entertainment. Peter is also an active faculty member of the Trebas Institute for the recording arts. 

Virginia Storey 

Virginia is the producer and a partner of Puppy for Life Inc. video series. Her career began in music, moved into post-production audio and is now flourishing as a director and producer.

She has hundreds of film and television credits to her name, along with many prestigious nominations and awards. In 2002, she received a Genie Award for her film work.

A lifelong dog lover, Virginia is focusing her energies on the production of dog-related programs designed to entertain and enlighten viewers. In addition, she serves as the host of talkdogtv.com, an interactive web site sponsored by the Puppy for Life training method.

Production Partners

Generator Films 

Since its inception in 1997, Generator Films has successfully produced both large and small videos for a diverse customer base. The company’s list of clients includes Microsoft, General Motors, TD Bank, Honda, Air Canada, MacDonald’s, A&P, Smith-Kline Beecham, Canadian Tire, and many more. 

Cinram Media Services

Cinram has worldwide capabilities through its media production facilities in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Sales and service offices are located in major centres across North America. Their facilities are state of the art and the most advanced in the industry, featuring fully computerized quality and mastering control centers.


Canada Post


Canada Post is a leading provider of supply chain management and eBusiness services. The company offers enterprise-wide solutions in software and hardware fulfillment, including supply chain planning, manufacturing, order management, warehouse management, distribution and logistic management.


 Puppy For Life Inc.


Puppy for Life Inc. and Sam Malatesta endorse a variety of training products, made available to the general public through the TalkDog TV web site (www.talkdogtv.com). These products are also available to rescue groups and animal shelters at special prices for the purpose of promoting Puppy for Life training techniques and raising funds to help rehabilitate and rehome unwanted dogs. 


"Growing Up" is the first in the Puppy for Life series of training videos featuring trainer Sam Malatesta.


Check-Choke Collar: This is the style of collar described in the Puppy for Life "Growing Up" Video. It is made of durable nylon, and an ever so slightly restrictive choke chain for gentle correction. Sizes range from small to extra large.

The 15-Foot Long Line: is constructed of very tightly woven 5/8-inch-wide, 100-percent cotton which will not slip your hand or cause cuts or burns like nylon leads. The weight of this long line reduces the risk of entangling your dog during training. Proper use of the long line, as described in the Puppy for Life method, will encourage your dog to stay close to you, and will assist in teaching off-leash recall. This item, an integral tool in the Puppy for Life Method, is almost impossible to find in pet stores.  

The Official Puppy for Life Tug Toy: This product is available in Puppy (10 inches) and Regular (11 inches) lengths. Constructed of durable canvas and stuffed with a new hypoallergenic filling, this tug toy is a primary tool in the Puppy for Life method. It is designed to build confidence through positive and challenging play with your dog.

The Pocket or “Puppy” tug is narrow enough to fit inside your back pocket while long enough to handle during play with your dog. The Pocket Tug is ideal for puppies and smaller dogs. Once your puppy has mastered the Pocket Tug, switching to the Regular Tug is a positive way to continue building confidence and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.


  Puppy For Life Inc.

 PFL Training Academy

A new program designed to certify dog trainers in the Puppy for Life training method will be launched in the near future. Created and authorized by Sam Malatesta, this unique program will combine a number of tools (hands-on instruction, manuals and exams) to teach the Puppy for Life method to future trainers.

The Puppy for Life Training Academy will be available in a long-distance learning format with e-mail and Internet support. Graduates will be offered special rates on Puppy for Life-endorsed products, such as videos and training equipment, which they can sell to their own clients.

The program is ideal for foster and rescue workers, and experienced trainers looking for a proven method.


The PFL Training Academy is currently under development. More details will be released as soon as they are available.


Puppy For Life Inc.



Sam's seminar this past weekend was so very successful and I wanted to give you an update.  I've had at least 30 e-mails and phone calls about when Sam will be back.  A brief overview of comments I received have been:

·         "Why has this method of training never been taught before?"

·         "I've spend hundreds of dollars on other seminars.  I've never learned so much before in my many years of training."

·         "Now, I finally know how to properly handle my dog.  I need to be the Alpha.  I've been to many seminars and nobody ever brought up the Alpha/pack relationship.  What Sam teaches not only makes sense, but is working for me."

·         "I've never been to one of these seminars before.  Frankly, I was worried about coming.  My rescue dog is my angel.  I did not want to subject her to anything unpleasant.  Sam's guidance was extremely helpful.  Given what I've now learned through him, she's already becoming less fearful.  I'm learning though her, thanks to Sam."

Sam's seminars were very well attended.   Our second seminar was much more successful than the first one. It was incredible that we had three times the amount of people, and lots of them were coming in from out of state. Word travels and the word is that Sam Malatesta is the ultimate when it comes to training dogs and training people to train their dogs. The Medina County SPCA is so appreciative of all you've done for us -- just in two seminars!  The foster parents needed to be trained in order to know how to train our foster pups/dogs.  Not only have we made over $1,400 due to your expertise in training, we've adopted out almost all of our dogs to forever loving homes.  I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and results.  He turned negative behavioral traits around in a matter of 10 minutes.  Sam actually had my horse and Siberian husky "heeling" at the same time. 

Everyone who came to the seminar is ready to either re-attend and/or bring many more people with him or her.  Thanks to Sam's guidance, I truly feel we are reaching the point where we'll be able to save many more lives. 

Many thanks for all of your help.”

Amber Goddard

Medina County SPCA President   

“I was so impressed by Sam's unique, humane and highly effective, no gimmick training method that in my capacity as Shelter Manager of the Toronto Humane Society (one of the largest in North America, 20,000 animals per year) I approached Sam to develop a training and socialization program for difficult to manage dogs.  Sam did not hesitate to donate his time and expertise.   

Sam took numerous highly aggressive dogs to his facility. After just a few weeks these dogs were returned to the Society and successfully placed in loving homes. Sam also trained and found suitable homes for several dogs that were deemed too aggressive or difficult to manage for the regular adoption program.

In conclusion I would not hesitate to recommend Sam Malatesta.”

Diane Roden

Shelter Manager, Toronto Humane Society

Toronto, Canada

  “Appreciated so much meeting Sam at the Royal Winter Fair and being able to talk to him regarding our 18 month old German shepherd.  After purchasing and watching his "Puppy for Life" video we've already tried to apply some of the instructions and lo and behold....I think it's working....thanks so much Sam!”

Peter & Wilma Hildebrand


“Prior to attending Mr. Malatesta's training class, I had read many books on training, but I was just not able to get Odin past our sticking point.  Mr. Malatesta is an outstanding dog/human trainer, because not only does he train the dog but he also educates the dog’s owner.  His people skills are as great as his animal handling skills. I wish I had met Mr. Malatesta long ago.”

Joseph Tanczos

York Regional Police Officer

Newmarket, Canada


 “I went to Sam's weekend class for the Medina, Ohio SPCA.  WOW!  Everybody talks about being alpha dog, but never what that really means to the dog.  Sam has gotten into the head of dogs and shows us how to be great Alphas to our pack.  Thanks Sam, I look forward to your next visit!!!”

Jim Wright


 "I learned more in 10 days (from Sam) than the previous 10 years of reading and training. Many of the things I had learned from books were the exact opposite of what I should have been doing."

Gary M. Felty

Valencia, Pa

 “If you love your dog, and would like to share a most enjoyable few hours learning to be a better caregiver and companion, then a weekend seminar with Sam Malatesta will ‘fill the bill'. I attended part of both days of the last seminar conducted by this trainer from Canada, and was genuinely impressed with his intimate attitude and behavior with individual dogs.

I am NOT impressed with control freaks, but I AM impressed with individually conducted strength of direction without question by a trainer who genuinely respects dogs. He demonstrates a real understanding of how the dogs have, in many cases, been given rough and hard experiences,  and is not embarrassed to turn  around and  "ask for a kiss" from his dog student.

I witnessed, within less than a five minute period, the actual transformation of a young dog displaying a personality of scattered mashed potatoes with his person, to an obedient, respectful, working-to-please honor student with Sam. Then he shared the ability so that the dog and his person were able to work together similarly. 

Sam Malatesta turns aggression into a thing of the past.  Uncontrollable antics become naturally spontaneous and focused attentiveness. Fear turns into affection.”

Gayle  M. Weber

All Creatures Sanctuary